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Make Your Buffalo, NY Bike Ride Even Better

The key to making your bike ride even better is through bicycle accessories. Everyone has their own idea for their bike and bike accessories allow that custom touch. From items such as bicycle computers bells and light to essentials like patch kits, enjoy an unforgettable bike ride with our help. We offer accessories that will either aid or enhance your experience because we want to always make sure that you’re enjoying yourself while remaining safe on your bike.

Browse the list of bicycle accessories we offer at our shop. Give us a call at 716-852-6838 to find out what else we can offer you. 

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Find Out What Bicycle Accessories We Carry

Frame Pump

     Without a pump, having a spare tube and patches doesn’t get you home. A frame pump comes in handy when you are miles from a service station. 

And a floor pump for your house is the easiest and fastest way to keep your tires regularly inflated. Remember that higher pressure tires need to be filled more often. 

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Cycling Computers

     Although bike computers may seem frivolous, they are great accessories because they provide accurate data about your ride such as current speed, average speed, maximum speed, heart rate, trip distance for the day, cumulative mileage, as well as time spent riding and current time. Computers provide accurate information that can assist you with time management and health assessment. 

Helmet ANSI or Snell Approved 

     Helmets are basic safety equipment. Since 80% of all bicycle fatalities are due to head injuries, it doesn’t make much sense to ride without a helmet. Regardless of how fast you ride, how much you ride, or how well you ride, accidents happen. Helmets are lightweight and well ventilated. You will look better (or at least wiser) wearing a helmet. 

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Lights and Reflectors 

     If you ride at night, it is a very good idea to have both lights and reflectors to increase your nighttime visibility. 

We carry a large verity of both front and back lights. We have models available with USB chargers, LED lights, quick release or theft resistant attachment to the bike. 

Riding Glasses 

Riding glasses are specifically designed for cycling. They are superior to regular sunglasses because they wrap around your head (providing peripheral protection). Riding glasses filter out at least 98% of UV light (light that damages your eyes), and they prevent foreign objects like bugs, dust and road debris from entering your eyes. 

Patch Kit and Spare Tube 

     There is nothing worse than pushing your bike home because you have a flat tire. Carry a spare tube because patching a tube on the road is much more difficult than patching the same tube at home. Besides, patches don’t always hold. Bring a patch kit in case you get two flats.

Riding Gloves

There are five main reasons for wearing gloves while riding. 

  • They help to prevent nerve pressure and pain in your hands from gripping the handlebars along with the added padding help reduce road vibration through to your hands
  • Gloves offer protection protect against abrasion when you fall. 
  • All gloves increase grip when the handlebars are wet with rain or sweat 
  • Lastly, they help protect you from the elements, keeping your hands warm in the winter season, and help cool them off in the summer. 

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Riding Shorts

Riding shorts are specially designed for comfort. The seam in the seat area is flat and they are padded with special materials that draw moisture away from the body to the outside of the material. This ‘wicking’ action increases comfort, helps to prevent chaffing and keeps you cooler through its evaporative effect. 

Tool Kit

Bikes break down, and usually on the road. A decent tool kit can get a bike moving again. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, you should still carry tools to fix a flat tire (wrenches and tire levers). Since cyclists help each other out, a passing cyclist might save your day if you have trouble, or you could be the one doing the saving.

Water Bottle 

It is important and necessary to keep your body hydrated. Your body can lose up to a quart of water per hour while riding. It is not obvious because the moisture evaporates quickly.  Riding without enough fluids in your body is like running your car without water in the radiator. Both will overheat and eventually break down. 

Custom Wheel Building

Custom hand made wheels have a proven reputation for strength, longevity and Quality.
Our team of skilled wheel builders will use years of experience to help select the best components for your custom wheel and then meticulously lace, tension, dish, and true your wheel, to perfection. 
Our selection of hundreds of rims and hubs, and dozens of spoke types will allow us to build a wheel that perfectly matches your needs. 

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